Best Air Conditioners to buy in 2018

Air conditioning is a form of technology that modifies the condition of air (heating, cooling, cleaning, ventilation or air movement). It simply refers to a system which cools the air. Air conditioners are used in domestic as well as commercial environments. The complete process of air conditioning is used in to make a more comfortable interior environment. With the increase in modernization, the market of air conditioners is increasing rapidly. The Asia Pacific region which comprises of countries like China, India, etc is the largest market by value for air conditioners. If you are looking for some air conditioners with a healthy budget and good specifications then you must go through this article. Let’s have a look on the various air conditioners with their specifications, properties, and cons and buying guide. Hope our air conditioner reviews will help you in deciding whether it is perfect for you or not.


There are some of the common questions one will ask before buying the air conditioners.

How one should come to know which size is suitable for home.

Purchasing the suitable air conditioner among other air conditioners will be not an easy task. Growing market and products of air conditioners will provide us a vast range and so confusion arises.

The best AC in India ranks itself by BTU standards. BTU is commonly known as British thermal unit. Capacity, star ratings, electricity

Consumption is also a few of the factors one should go through before purchasing a suitable product. The general BTU range of air conditioners ranges from 9000-30000.

Is voltage stabilizer really needed when I buy an air conditioner?

The compressor that is present in the air conditioner generally works at a potential difference of 190 V to 240 V. If your locality has the voltage fluctuation beyond the operating voltage range, you must need a voltage stabilizer for the proper working of the AC. Even inverter AC also requires a voltage stabilizer when there is a bad power supply.

What is the star rating in air conditioners?

The sticker is provided by Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE), Department of energy saving by Govt. of India.

ISEER is the Ratio of the total annual amount of heat that the equipment can remove from the indoor air when operated for cooling in active mode to the total annual amount of energy consumed by the equipment during the same period.

What is an inverter AC?

An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor which regulates the temperature. The biggest advantage of inverter AC is that it saves energy. When compared to normal air conditioners, it saves around 30 to 50% of energy. Cooling capacity is around 130%. It cools faster than normal AC providing faster comfort. It operates within a range of 0.5 deg c.

What are the factors you need to consider before buying?

The usage patterns

  • Hours you will use the air conditioner on a normal day
  • Number of electrical devices present in the room
  • Seasons of the year in which you will use AC.

Environmental Factors

  • Temperature outside
  • Humidity level in the area
  • Is the air corrosive (Whether polluted or saline)

Best buying air conditioners in India

Voltas 185 EY R Split AC 1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating

It is a split type air conditioner having an energy rating of 5 stars. Noise 37 db indoor. Its power input is 1438 w and capacity of 5 ton. It is having dual temperature display with the property of auto start and front panel display.

The AC features LED display panel and the remote has glow buttons makes it easy to use in night. Other features include sleep mode, turbo mode and auto restart. It has one year warranty on product as well as 5 years warranty on the compressor.

Its average price in India is approximately 30,000.

 Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC

 Carrier Esko 12K 1 Ton Split AC from carrier offers powerful cooling. The air conditioner is of split type and has a capacity of 1 Ton. It has an energy rating of 3 stars. Other specifications are air direct control, security lock, refrigerant leakage detector, LED display, temperature display. Its cooling capacity is 3400 watt and power input of 943 watts. It is suitable for a small sized room. It is having energy efficient cooling with easy maintenance. Its average price in India is 30,000 approximately.

Voltas 185JY 1.5 Ton Split AC

 The split AC features a rotary compressor that helps in cooling the room quickly and efficiently. It has having silver ion filter, 1.5-ton capacity and 5 years warranty on the compressor. In addition to cooling your home, this split air conditioner filters the air too. Since it has a 5-star rating, the electricity bill will be much lesser. It has a self-diagnosis feature that simplifies the process of maintenance. It consumes 1430 w power input. Its price in India is approximately 33099.

Whirlpool Fantasia 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

It is having a 5-star rating having a capacity of 1.5 ton. It has power input of 455 w and cooling capacity of 5800 w. Auto clean, timer, self-diagnosis, auto restart and front panel display are some of the specifications present in this split type air conditioner. Its average price in India is 34990.


Hitachi RAU518KWD 1.5 Ton has an energy rating of 5. It consumes 1495 w power input. The air conditioner is a split type and has a capacity of 1.5 ton. It has a timer with a digilock and auto restart feature. Its cooling capacity is of 6800 w. Its average price in India is approximately 35000. The company gives a 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on the product.

LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC

 LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC is a split type air conditioner having a dual inverter with monsoon comfort and Himalayan cooling technology. It has micro dust protection filter. It is a dual rotary compressor and has a cooling capacity of 5187 w. It has a stylish design with powerful Himalaya cooling technology which will you experience as though you are in Himalaya. The 3-star energy rating will help you to save energy even during the hottest summer day.

Its average price in India is 45000.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185DY Window AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185DY Window AC is a window air conditioner having a capacity of 1.5 ton. It has 4950 watts of cooling capacity. It has a 5-star energy rating which will save your electricity bill even in summers. It has a power input of 1495 w. It has a large LED panel display having an LCD remote. It has a removable panel that will help in easy cleaning. Its average price is approximately 26000.

If you are looking for a 5-star air conditioner during summer, then this Voltas AC is ideal for your home.


O’GENERAL 1.5 TON 3 STAR SPLIT AC is a split type air conditioner having a hyper tropical rotary compressor. It has a power mode in which AC works faster and quicker with minimal pulling power. It has a cooling capacity of 5300 w. It has an auto restart facility. It gives a cooling effect within seconds and gives relief instantly. It gives you a healthy and comfortable environment and also reduces energy consumption.

We hope that the above article will help you in selecting the best air conditioners for your home and office at an affordable price. Do let us know in the comment sections that how helpful it was to find the best air conditioners for your home and office under budget.

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