Best Water Purifiers and Filters Reviews

Everyone knows water is important for the functioning of the body from head to toe but why purified water then? We have been drinking regular water for years but now why we need to spend on water purifiers and why it has become important to drink purified water now. Due to the industrial revolution and increasing pollution water is contaminated and to remove excess salts, suspended particles, microbes and heavy metals like iron, mercury & calcium. There are a lot of water purifiers in the market by many companies and all purifiers have different advanced technologies, features due to which selecting one becomes an uphill battle. To make your decision making smooth, I am reviewing all the top and best water purifiers on the basis of their features, technology, quality, and reviews.

A good water purifier is that which removes the excess salts, suspended particles, heavy metals, microbes and retain essential vitamins and minerals. The most effective, traditional & inexpensive way to filter water is to chlorinate it but chlorine is a poison and should be removed before water is consumed. Some of the top companies in water purifier are Livepure, Kent, Aquaguard, Havells, HUL.
Top 5 Water Purifiers of 2018

1.Havells Pro

Havells Pro is a product of Havells Water Purifier. It comes with latest RO & UV technology.
In most of the water purifiers, Ro technology is used that doesn’t ensure 100% purity as it is filtered using UF membrane only. Sometimes essential minerals drain out in this process.
Unlike other RO purifiers, in Havells PRO 100% water purification is done using UV & RO purification in 6 stages. You don’t need to worry about minerals also as it is using Mineralz Cartridge technology which adds the essential minerals at the end and delivers tastier and healthier water.

WHY Pro?

In this range, Havells is providing a full packed product with best features like 6 stage purification using RO & UV. It also comes with Mineral Cartridge technology which leaves us tension free of pure, healthy and tastier water.
Storage capacity is of 7 liters approx and the flow rate is 15 liters/hour which is sufficient for a family of 4-5 members. It is an only product in the market which has flexible mounting means it can be mounted in a corner or a straight wall or table top.
Havells Pro is a smart product which has Smart alert which provides us with the feature such as Self diagnostic, purification process, low pressure and the tank full. It also gives error alerts for UV, SV and pumps failure.

2.LIVPURE PEP Pro++ RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

LIVPURE PEP Pro Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier is a super smart RO Water Purifier as mentioned by the company. Livpure Pep Pro Plus has a storage capacity of 7 liters and can purify 12 liters of water per day. It has RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer technology which gives the best taste to purified water.
It has 7 stage purification process :
• Sediment Filter
• Pre Activated Carbon Filter cum Absorber
• Antiscalant Cartridge
• RO
• UV Disinfection Column,
• Ultra Filtration Cartridge
• Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge

Technical Specifications:
First Stage: Water is passed through sediment filter at very high speed for the elimination of fine and small impurities.
Second Stage: In this layer bad color, taste and odor including organic particles are eliminated from the water.
Third Stage: It prevents scale accumulation on RO membrane which is caused by water salts.
Fourth Stage: In this stage, all deadly chemicals such as pesticides, THMs, herbicides, heavy metals, salts are removed from water very effectively and efficiently.
Fifth Stage: In this stage, UV column decontaminates water from microbiological threats like protozoa, virus, and bacteria.
Sixth Stage: It clears the microbes at another level like bacteria to provide 100% pure water. It treats suspended particles also.

Water passes through these stages and It’s a great product for any type of water like bore well water, municipal water, handpump water, groundwater.


It is capable of delivering 12 liters of water per day and can purify impure water up to 2000 ppm TDS. It comes with some good features like power on indicator, tank full indicator.From my personal experience, I would recommend it for a family of 3-4 members as It can purify up to 12 liters of water per day can be easily mounted on call.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UTC RO+UV+Taste Guard 8-litres Water Purifier

This product is by Eureka Forbes Limited which is India’s leading health and hygiene brand. It is one of the best water purifiers in market build to give the best experience to a consumer using the latest technology in the industry to give the purest water having a filter life of 6000 liters. It can be mounted on the wall having Thin Film Composite Membrane.

The biggest advantage of this product is that it comes equipped with patented taste guard technology that identifies the changing source of water and automatically chooses the most appropriate purification technology.

Why Aquaguard Superb?

It has an intelligent, sleek and hygienic design with taste guard, mineral guard, and biotron technology. It is made up of Transparent Food Grade ABS. It purifies water for us in 6 purification stages and technology used to give safe water is RO+UV+UF.

It has other convenient features like Flushing and Water Level is controlled by Conductivity Sensor. It comes with Silver Surety which enhances Purification Efficiency and Inhibits Growth of Disease-Causing Bacteria. Like other purifiers, it has Mineral Guard Technology which retains the Natural Essential Minerals in Drinking water.
The ability to store 8 liters of water in its storage tank with TDS controller range of 1 – 2000 ppm makes it the perfect option for the home. Though it is built with the latest technology but a higher priced product for using it at home. It is highly recommendable to use it in areas having high TDS value, it is the best product to be used for borewell water and municipal water which has a high TDS range.

4. Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Kent Water Purifier

Kent, the most trusted brand for water purifiers in India has launched another amazing product in purifier segment. Kent’s grand plus purifier has Mineral ROTM technology which provides double purification and removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts. Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO+UV+UF comes with TDS Controller which ensures the purity of water by preserving vital minerals. Kent Grand Plus Mineral can be fixed on the kitchen wall and has a storage tank of 8 liters.
It has filter change alarm and UV Fail alarm which notifies the user to change the filter.

Why Kent?

It is a most trusted brand in this segment. Kent purifier builds more trust of a consumer as it is certified by NSF, CI, ISI, WQA Gold Seal which means it is rigorously tested and meets all the requirements of the testing standards. Its purification rate is 20 liters/day and the maximum duty cycle is of 75 liters/day. Filter Cartridges include Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon.
It is recommended for a family living in an area of water having less TDS as the major drawback of this purifier is that it can for water having TDS level below than 750 ppm.

5. Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier

It is a product of one the most popular trusted brand of the country i.e Hindustan Unilever. This advanced water purifier technology is capable of killing 10 million germs from 1L of water as the water passes through various treatments like UV and RO to assure the safest drinking water for you and your family so it is safe for families living in areas have a high level of impurities in water. It assures the safest drinking water as it has the capacity to remove Total Dissolved Salts up to 2000 ppm in water.

Like other water purifiers, this purifier also has 6 stage purifying system, these 6 stages include the pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, UV reactor and post-RO carbon filter. It also has thin-film composite spiral wound membrane system and 24V DC, diaphragm pump to complete the reverse osmosis distillation process for added safety. Made of Food Grade, Non-toxic, Engineering Grade Plastics.
This water purifier comes with a digitally advance alert alarm system which warns you 15 days prior before the Germkill Cartridge needs to be replaced.

This purifier gives clear indication of water quality as it has advanced purity indicator and its advanced technology leads to 25% of water recovery with 90% of TDS reduction to make hard water drinkable enough.
It can work well with all kinds of water resources like borewell water, municipality water etc and is best suited for families living in an area with a high level of impurities in water.